our philosophy

Fresh ideas, a deep understanding of food and the wonderful delights grown by the hard working farmers, fishermen, local artisans and providores of this region are what makes our menus so exciting. We are very fortunate to work in a region with such exquisite produce and it is with great pleasure that we create such amazingly tasty dishes.

Our ethical beliefs mean that we work with the seasons and always with awareness for what is sustainable. We are big believers in caring for the Earth’s treasures and respect animals, land and sea. We feel it is our job to preserve and protect the beauty we are so lucky to encounter.

In this spirit, we cook with consciousness and our menus reflect the love we have for fabulous real food.


  • Canapes
  • Food Bars
  • Sit Down with Regional Produce
  • Seasonal Share Plates
  • Wedding Cake
  • Sweet Canape Menu

Below you will find examples of our seasonal menus

sit down regional produce

Our menus consist of honest real food thought out carefully to connect with our region + climate. The freshest ingredients feature in our original tailor made menus. Our in house Beverage Co-ordinator can work with you to match wines to your Menu.



seasonal share plates

Our Share Plates Menu consists of colourfully presented dishes of carefully chosen seasonal produce that are brought to each table.
With this style, everyone gets a chance to taste everything. Each dish complements the next and all are freshly cooked just before arriving at your table.

seaweed cuisine seasonal shared plates menu



Each seaweed cuisine canapé is a small work of art that  looks exquisite and, being made from scratch with fresh local produce, tastes amazing. Our canapé platters are lovingly adorned with flowers, foliage, origami or something unique that enhances your experience of the food. Canapés are served by our wait staff. Our chefs freshly cook + assemble each canapé seconds before it is served.

sample menu of canapes


food bars + late night snacks

Food bars are a beautiful display of fresh, locally sourced produce to which guests’ can help themselves. Perfect for grazing over time.
This can be part of a stand up event or a pre sit down whilst canapés are being circulated. Enjoy our Late Night Snack Menu
to end a fabulous night.

stand up progressive sample menu featuring food bars, canapes + dessertfood bars + late night snack menus


sweet canapes and wedding cakes

seaweed cuisine take great pleasure in creating fabulous sweet canapés, special event + wedding cakes. The canapés are so pretty and delicious! Our special event cakes contain the finest ingredients, and are hand crafted + designed specifically for you. All our sweets are freshly hand baked, using the finest Belgian chocolate, organic fruits, ground nuts + many more top shelf ingredients.  seaweed cuisines’ approach is modern, natural + delicious.

A cake is a symbol of love + in this it has to be made with love.

 sweet canape and dessert menu